KBA RA105-4 PWHA 4 COLOUR PRESS Age: c.2000 installed new in 2001 Serial Number: 362575 Circa 153 Million Impressions Equipped With:- 15,000 sheets per hour Colotronic offpress control Varidamp film dampening PWHA Ergotronic press information system KBA Lithec color measuring Programmable roller blanket + impression cylinder Diagonal register Baldwin CRCWL combined refrig/ink temp control Technotrans Beta F filtration unit Preset with Automatic formatting Ultrasonic 2 sheet detector Electronic sidelays Kersten ionised blast at feeder Kersten Antistatic in Feeder/Delivery Baldwin Graffi powder spray removal Grafix Hitronic 3000 powder spray Bacher register Steel plate in feeder and delivery CX 1,0 mm

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