Características Técnicas

Producer: Komori LS 840 P

Age: 2008

Impress: 49 Mio


PQC-S off-press control console with overhead light

Komorimatic II Dampening with Delta effect
Fully automatic perfector changeover
PDC-S-II Spectrodensitometer (closed loop)
KMS-IV Komori Management System
KHS Komori pre-inking system
Water Cooled Vibrators with Chilling Equipment
CosmoTech Powder Sprayer
Vacuum feed board
Chromed impressions,blanket and plate cylinders
Pneumatic side guide
Feed decurler
Non stop delivery
Full AMR – Automatic Make Ready and Presets
SPC – Semi Automatic Plate Changers
Automatic Blanket Washers
Automatic Ink Roller Cleaners
Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaners
Available: Immediately

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